The Torque-Controlled Media Take-Up Reel is a professional, yet easy-to-use automatic media winding system for all wide format digital printers (up to 2.2m / 87” wide) including Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Canon and Epson.

Designed to increase efficiency and productivity, our Torque-Controlled Media Take-Up Reel operates automatically. Simply start your print job and your prints will be rolled by the take-up system automatically. No more media on the floor, no more standing next to your printer day and night. Just dust free prints wound expertly thanks to dual synchronised, heavy-duty, tension sensitive motors that ensure straight take-up from the printed media.

Available in 3 different versions, ranging from 1.3m (51") to 2.2m (87"), there is a Torque-Controlled Media Take-Up Reel suitable for all wide format digital printers (see printer compatibilities).

A benchmark of all different types of media take up’s available on the market is attached.

Torque-Controlled Media Take-Up Reel 54"