XY Matic Trim is equipped with multiple cutting units for simultaneous cutting on all four sides. A mobile optical sensor reads the most diverse cutting marks for the accurate alignment of the prints to be cut in the longitudinal direction, while the vertical cutting units are set manually and cut the printed materials while they advance. Different speeds, selectable from the keyboard, let you cut with the highest precision and reliability the most varied materials, including photo papers, vinyl, paper for inkjet printing, polyester or polycarbonate films up to a thickness of 0.5 mm. The easy loading of the reels, easy setting of the data and quick positioning of cutting units make the operations easy even in the presence of different print sized on the same reel. Electronic controls with visual displays allow the operator to easily check any errors or malfunctions.

Options and accessories

Vertical cutting units, kit OnLine and inclined output table.

Neolt "XY" Matic Trim