This new model of Mutoh bulk ink system is suitable for Mutoh Drafstation and Valuejet printers. This is Mutoh original bulk ink system (part number ZMY-08909). This bulk ink system is recommended for 6 or 8 colour set-up printers. 

It includes:
- Bulk station with tube protection bracket
- 4 bottles with dual tubing connection
- 4 bulk ink cassettes
- Ink tubing + accessories
- Connection cables & installation guide.

One filling station is needed for Drafstation, Drafstation Pro, Valuejet 1304WU & Valuejet 1604WU.
Two filling stations are needed for Valuejet 1638W, Valuejet 1628W, Valuejet 2628TD, Viper 65/90, Viper 65/90 Extreme, Viper TX 65/90, Viper TX 65/90 Extreme, Viper TX Soft Sign & Viper TX Professional.
Four filling stations are needed for Viper 100 & Viper TX 100.

Mutoh Bulk Ink System (4 bottles / 4 cassettes) - ZMY-08909